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M.O.M.'s meal plan service provides simplicity to your life.  Her meal plans teach you how to make delicious meals with healthy ingredients to fit within your macros.  No meal needs to be bland when fitness goals are in sight.  All simple meals can become delicious medleys to savor.    

M.O.M. follows a Nutritional Ketogenic approach through the education and skills of being a Ketogains Coach along with holding a Precision Nutrition Certification while currently taking the Menno Hennselman's course for further certification.  Creating Ketogenic meal plans are her specialty but Low-Carb/Paleo is also very doable.  If you are interested in more information about Nutritional Ketogenic Diet fell free to read The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Jeff S. Volek, PhD, RD and Stephen D. Phinney, MD, PhD or sign up for Mastering the Masterclass, a joint project with Ketogains and Robb Wolf.

M.O.M. strives to make life in the kitchen easy and delicious as you focus on personal fitness goals and nutritional habits.  She focuses on whole foods while balancing the overall body/muscle's need for protein first, then fats for energy balance and then carbs for necessary micronutrients.    Her goal is to help you progress with either new ideas, new skills, or new combinations to help you enjoy your healthy choices.   

Food preferences are considered when tailoring meals to fit within macros.  When the consulting begins, your comfort level and kitchen expertise is also taken into account when creating the meals.  For an additional cost, cooking consultation through email is available with future upcoming FB classes.  

Ketogains has been at the forefront of Stephanie Harrell's inspiration for the past few years.  Before joining Ketogains she was a High School English Instructor for 15 yrs.  After her husband became an RN, they decided it was best for the family that she stay home with the 4 little Harrells and pursue other possibilities.  She had no idea it would lead here.  Her love for fitness and nutrition grew as she became aware of not quite feeling her age.  She had been bulk cooking, meal prepping and eating whole foods for about 10 years but it was time for more change.  After following the Ketogenic protocol by Ketogains, her health improved, energy regained, lbs/inches lost, sizes dropped, strength improved as LBM increased.  She got her life back and wants to help others see their own potential grow in ways they never expected.  One way to help is by way of nutrition in the kitchen.  

Each meal plan is tailored around your needs.  It contains 12 meals of which can be rotated daily or weekly for as long as you need.   Ingredients, amounts and macros are clearly listed in a PDF spreadsheet format.  Cooking tips are provided as well as suggested kitchen items, recipe links and simple instructions.  For an additional fee, M.O.M. also offers weekly consultation about the meals in the ordered meal plan through email or in an upcoming private FB class.  Recipe books are also in the making.

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M.O.M.'s desire is to design a meal plan that is  flexible as to empower you more in the kitchen while you focus on achieving fitness goals and forging healthy habits.  To be flexible, the plan allows room for substitutions and various ways of cooking.  Your style of cooking can still be used however, amounts need to be followed.  

The meal plan is designed also to take the thinking out of a grocery list and allows you to save time creating new meals that fit your taste.  Not only does the meal plan save you time and effort, but, M.O.M. will also help you set macros, provide linked resources and give tips to guide you in the kitchen.  Talk to her today about how she can guide you in your journey.  

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