Goal/Macro consult


Macros guide nutrition.  Whether you follow Ketogenic or Paleo, properly balanced macros are necessary in order to make progress.  In order for you to decide which macros are for you, an email will be sent with a form containing fields of information needed in order to formulate your macros.  Since macros guide meals, this service is free with the purchase of a meal plan. 


Meal plan


Each plan will contain 12 meals of which can be rotated daily for 4 weeks or weekly for 4 weeks. Food preferences and allergies are taken into consideration when tailoring your meals to fit into your daily macros.  Ingredients, amounts and macros are clearly listed in a PDF spreadsheet format.  Cooking tips are provided as well as suggested kitchen items, recipe links and simple instructions.  


If you decide to enroll in a Ketogains Bootcamp, the meal plan is discounted and can be ordered as an add-on to bootcamp.  Click below to order a meal plan through Ketogains Bootcamps.


If you live in the Woodlands, Texas area (30 mile radius) and sign up with Your Lean Life @ for Meal Prep Guidance in your kitchen, the meal plan is discounted as well.


Ketogains Bootcamps

Meal Plan/M.O.M.'s Kitchen help


For existing clients only.

If you desire weekly consultation with M.O.M. through email while using the ordered meal plan, this service provides 4 weeks of email correspondence.  Each week questions and concerns will be answered and addressed by M.O.M.  This is a way to provide further assistance at your level of comfort in the kitchen as well as provide tips on technique in cooking the meals suggested.  This allows further communication to help you progress. 

$80 for 4 weeks